Luke Lazarus Partners with Father to improve Sydney Area Hotels;

At their family-owned Devonshire Arms Hotel, Luke Lazarus and his father used a residency program to create a more welcoming space for guests.

Achievements of Luke Lazarus

He is the founder of Luke Lazarus Partners and has been recognized by many, including the Australian Financial Review, The Australian, and FORBES.

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In 2009 Luke Lazarus founded Luke Lazarus Partners to serve as a family business advisory firm for entrepreneurs interested in hospitality and tourism.

With over a decade of experience working in the hospitality industry, as well as his passion for building a world-class team, Luke wanted to find a way to create value for his clients and their families.

Luke came across the model with Nathan Miller while working on investments in the US.

This program creates an experience that is unique to each team member while giving them more time with their families.

Luke Lazarus said that they have created a strong culture at their hotels by putting a philosophy of “family first.”

By involving the whole family in operations, Luke has created an environment attractive to families and guests. It leads to a more productive process and happier employees.

Recently, Luke signed a partnership agreement with his father, Simon Lazarus, who will now run the Devonshire Arms Hotel in Sydney’s North Shore.

The Devonshire Arms has undergone renovations, including upgrades to its dining room, bar, and manager’s apartment.

The Lazarus family is also planning to add additional suites shortly.

Together Luke and Simon have already made great strides at the hotel. They have hired new staff and remodeled the hotel.

Luke remains focused on his family business, Luke Lazarus Partners, and getting his father, Simon, into the Devonshire Arms operation by July 2011.

In 2009 Luke Lazarus Partners expanded their investment into Asia by participating in a joint venture with Hong Kong-based hotel chain The Peninsula Group, which owns The Ritz-Carlton Residences Beijing, Beijing Westin The Garden, and Sheraton Parkview Hotel Beijing  (owned by Starwood).

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