Matthew FleegerMatthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western, a serial entrepreneur and oil tycoon heads one of the oldest oil and gas companies in the world. Managing a massive oil company in the modern times of change has been an exciting journey for the tycoon. Matthew Fleegers father created the company in 1970. The goal of the former chief executive officer was to create partnerships with different investors in the oil industry. When different investors come together for a common goal, Fleeger knew that they would bring together their resources, experience and talents to make things better. Since the first day of operations, Gulf Coast makes sure that all of its investors have information about the benefits and dangerous associated with gas and oil exploration. When investors understand all of these concepts, they make the best decisions and look for solutions to the problems that arise in their investment. Matther Fleeger Gulf Coast Western has been heavily involved in various philanthropy pursuits with the help of his investors. Currently, the oil and gas tycoon gives financial support to seven charities and nonprofit making institutions around the globe.

Ordinary people cannot lead oil and gas businesses. These enterprises need highly trained and experienced leaders who can make sober decisions when under pressure from authorities and investors. Matthew abilities and personal qualities made him the best candidate for the role of chief executive and president years ago when the platform needed new leadership. Ushering the massive success in the oil and gas industry has been easy for Matthew Fleeger because he has a good background for the tough responsibilities that lay ahead of him. During the great recession, people experienced the worst times in business. Some felt that the best way to solve the problem was doing away with the business and looking for employment. Matthew, on the other hand, chose to give a blind eye to the recession. The business guru directed all of his efforts in making sure that his business was getting more efficient. The veteran leader ensured that he brought our his creativity side in all aspects of his company. This creativity ensured that none of the staff was laid off because the company didn’t have money.

Matthew Fleeger