To achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, every business needs to work on bettering its customer service. Boosting customer service has become a crucial part of every business, especially in this digital era where people conduct business without having to meet. Peter Vitale, a Michigan based insurance expert, recently voiced his observations. He stated that traditional customer service has evolved from the traditional physical interaction between the seller and the buyer.

Peter Vitale further notes that several studies indicate that a significant number of customers are likely to seek alternative outlets when they experience poor customer service. Another thing businesses need to focus on are the reviews and ratings on various review sites and other online platforms. People depend on these reviews and ratings to do business with the company. Any negative feedback from one client can be seen by potential clients, greatly affecting your business.

Excellent customer service has been the basis of success for any insurance business. However, in recent times this concept has become universal in every industry. Being an insurance consultant, Peter Vitale of Michigan points out the insurance industry has various products to offer. However, most clients are unable to make up their minds on which product fits them. Now it’s in this situation that excellent customer service plays out. Helping the client choose a product that fits them perfectly without any extra charges will land you in their good books.

Focusing his attention on the digital era, the Michigan based insurance consultant came up with a few tips. These include;

  • Providing your services through online platforms accessible by mobile devices.
  • Maximizing the customer data collected to better understand and relate with both regular and potential clients.
  • Use social media platforms to effectively interact with your target market.
  • Reach out to your client base through their preferred modes of communication, i.e., email, texts, or even phone calls.
  • Encourage employees to attend seminars and workshops on better customer service practices.
  • Add a personal touch to your interaction with clients.

•Provide clients with sufficient information.