Razer has been quite successful in expanding beyond its home market and gaining market share overseas. Gaming is currently valued at $22 billion globally and Tan predicts it will reach $70 billion by 2025. This means that the company’s revenue could triple from $938 million last year.

Now, not only is Razer the maker of the gaming keyboard that made Min-Liang Tan a billionaire and social media darling, it is a major player in the lucrative and hotly contested PC gaming arena. The idea came to Tan after he met his future co-founder at the Burning Man festival. Not long after, the two set up shop in the corner of their apartment in San Francisco, constructing the first prototype of the Razer Blade laptop.

Eventually, the two decided to put the prototypes to the test, ditching their law careers for the fast-paced gaming industry. They were up for the challenge. Tan is a professional gamer himself, who had honed his craft by playing games in Asia and elsewhere. To be sure, Tan’s experience of selling the laptop was not an easy one, but the businessman is now a billionaire and one of the most recognizable leaders in the gaming industry.

With more than 3,200 employees and a valuation north of $3 billion, he’s certainly a success story, but it’s also one that shows the mistakes that can be made even for the most experienced business people. Although it’s not particularly unusual for many entrepreneurs to dream big, think big and act big at first, if your aspirations become unrealistic, it’s best to back up and re-evaluate your decisions before proceeding. Refer to this article for related information.

You could be forgiven for thinking that Min-Liang Tan only started Razer because the gaming peripherals were his life’s passion. Yet, he tells CNBC Make It that he started the company from scratch because he wanted a business, not a career. “When I started the company, I didn’t think it was a big thing,” he says.

Today, the Razer CEO has built his business into an icon of gaming culture and a global brand with a strong community on social media and product that supports a global gaming hobby. But the company’s origins were far from that successful. And when he left his job to focus on it full-time, the two founders were just about to get their first round of investment and started meeting with various investors.


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