Eye strain is a common condition that affects a large number of people globally. According to Ophthalmologist Tom S Chang MD, being aware of the causes, symptoms, and prevention measures is critical in managing eye strain. The specialized ophthalmologist asserts that mild headaches and nausea are common symptoms of digital eye strain. In addition, Tom S Chang MD explains, a heightened sensitivity to light, pain, or discomfort in the eyes is another symptom. While experiencing eye strain, one is also likely to experience muscle tightening and soreness around the neck. 


Tom says that individuals with dry eyes caused by lack of blinking while focusing and double or blurred vision may be a sign eye strain. Tom S Chang emphasizes that continuous focus on screens of modern-day digital devices is the leading cause of eye strain. He points out that blue light from digital devices is harmful to the eyes, and though it may not cause instant damage, its effects are gradual. Dr. Tom S Chang says that long periods of driving, reading, and writing may eventually result in eye strain. Though bright lights may affect the eyes, engaging in activities such as working under dim lights may also cause eye strain. 


However, Dr. Tom S Chang MD advises people to acquire a specially made light for specific activities such as reading and working with the ongoing pandemic situation. He also recommends adjusting the brightness settings on devices and insists on purchasing blue light glasses to protect the eyes. Besides using eye drops, the specialized ophthalmologist Tom S Chang recommends taking a 20 seconds break off the screen after every 20 minutes of constant focus. However, he advises individuals to regularly go for eye checkups from specialists to maintain eye wellness.

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