QNET is so often regarded as a scam, while in a real sense, it isn’t. The shortfall of understanding is usually held liable for individuals putting a wrong interception on legitimate direct selling companies like QNET for scams. QNET has long been a victim of endless media speculations, accusations, and groundless complaints. The company has augmented its reach in various countries with stringent and sophisticated regulations governing the direct selling industry. QNET’s operations are entirely compliant and legal with local laws for countries such as Germany, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The company has often acted under local regulations within any country it has ventured in and paid taxes. Source: Wikipedia

Indeed, the initiators of QNET understand what it means to entangle with wrong individuals. The company distinguishes itself in mandating training to sure that all representatives adhere to the company’s ethical standards. The company’s early success saw a lot of criticism regarding poor marketing, legal challenges, and poor marketing. QNET has been within the business industry for the last 18 years and isn’t planning to slow down. From its fledgling phases and roots in South East Asia, the company has leveled up to become a global powerhouse in empowering aspiring entrepreneurs globally. Furthermore, the company has risen through the ranks to carve a name as the driving force in the direct selling industry.

QNET’s credibility has seen it augment its reach in nearly 20 countries worldwide. In India, the company has built a profound reputation by operating its business via modernized techniques in the industry. QNET flaunts as one of the striking members of the Direct Selling Association in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. Moreover, the company has meticulously pursued active community endeavors through several charitable projects. QNET has merged with vast organizations, including Lion’s Club, and has ventured into countless initiatives supporting the less fortunate.

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