Ross Levinsohn Ross Levinsohn continues to grow into his new role as the CEO of Maven, he aims to leverage a wealth of experience in media and technology to take the company to the next level. Before being handed the reigns at Maven, Ross first gained mainstream notoriety when he was named as the interim CEO of Yahoo in 2010.

Although his role at Yahoo thrust him onto center stage in Silicon Valley, Ross Levinsohn has been a household name among other media executives since the turn of the millennium. As a senior vice president of Fox Interactive Media from 2000 to 2006, Ross was instrumental in managing,, IGN, and other digital brands under the Fox umbrella. Although Levinsohn achieved many things in his role at News Corporation, Fox Interactive Media’s parent company, he is best known for leading the company’s MySpace takeover for more than $500 million.

After his stint at News Corporation, Ross moved on to a managing director position at prominent VC firm Fuse Capital. While at Fuse Capital, Ross focused on investment in the digital media space and helped manage operations in Silicon Valley, New York, and Los Angeles. His time as a tech venture capitalist, combined with his hands-on experience running large media brands for News Corporation, led Yahoo to recruit him to lead operations for their Americas division in 2010. After Daniel Loeb, an activist hedge fund manager, pushed for CEO Scott Thompson’s departure when Thompson was caught falsifying parts of his resume in 2012, Ross was quickly appointed as Thompson’s temporary replacement.

Although the board ultimately elected Marissa Meyer to replace Ross, his experience leading one of the largest technology companies on the planet is something that he is able to draw upon as he prepares Maven for its next phase of expansion. Since officially coming on board with Maven in August of 2020, Ross has focused on boosting the company’s SaaS offerings to complement their more established brand management services. If history is any indication, Ross will use his investment acumen and experience with M&A to drive both internal and external growth.