Anyone seeking a case study that demonstrates the extraordinary success story of a masterful entrepreneur needs to look no further than the example of Sudhir Choudhrie. The Indian-born and now British citizens have achieved across numerous sectors in many kinds of businesses, from aviation and building a chain of retail shoe stores to investing in the hospitality industry and PE investment.

In his book, From the Heart, Sudhir Choudhrie admits that he was “born into a wealthy family” in his native Delhi, but a look at his remarkable career provides solid evidence that Choudhrie can rightfully be considered a self-made billionaire.

Just a few examples of his successful endeavors over the years:

Air Deccan – In 2003, Choudhrie spotted a tiny upstart aviation company called Air Deccan. It consisted of just one airplane, and it was looking for passengers to transport as a “budget airline.” After Choudhrie brought in his resources and worked his magic, Air Deccan took flight and soon had racked up seven million paid customers. Before he sold the outfit to Kingsilver, Air Deccan was logging 200 flights per day.

Adidas – In 1993, Choudhrie launched Adidas Indian Trading in cooperation with Adidas AG. This was the first inroad into the Indian market for Adidas. The joint venture opened 180 stores and also set up manufacturing facilities.

Resorts – In 1995, Sudhir Choudhrie cobbled together a joint venture with Taj Hotels Resorts. This deal resulted in Taj Kerala, four successful resorts on the Indian west coast.

C&C Alpha Group – Along with his son, Sudhir established London-based C&C Alpha Group, a PE investment firm that has become among the most successful not just in the U.K. but also the world.

Choudhrie is also known for his wide-ranging and extensive work in philanthropy. His foundations have donated millions to an array of worthy causes to help disadvantaged people everywhere.