Steven Biddel is the CEO and Founder of Terranova Corporation. He’s attended law school and has received his law degree. Terranova Corporation providing professional real estate services to clients in the real estate market. Terranova has a commitment and devotion to the team delivering an exceptional real estate service. The business is currently involved with commercial real estate portfolios valued at $1 billion dollars. The company has certain rentals, tenants, in their locations they have a wide variety of services such as Old Navy, Anthropologie, Office Depot, Starbucks, Publix, and Marshalls. Terranova was established in 1980 and has grown to be one of Florida’s top commercial real estate firms. Some of Terranova’s investors include GE capital Realty Group, New York Life, and Travelers Insurance.

Steven Biddel as a firm believes the younger generations need to see a more urban lifestyle. When he went to college he did not expect to see opportunities in the real estate market. He took advantage of the market and started to plan a real estate company. He continued to grow his company from his all his home office and has found a peek with the suburban market he invested into markets such as Walgreens, Starbucks, and other commercial tenants. This has allowed Steven Biddel to continue expanding his real estate corporation. One of past projects is working on hey $21 million projects with a valet system when visitors can pick up and drop off their car safely entire building has Wi-Fi and a mix of hotel rooms, commercial properties, residential buildings pools, and restaurants. His current project which started in 2019 it Is located in Coral Gables Florida to complete a 67 million Dollar rejuvenation project. The project will be located on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach in Florida as it is one of the top 17 desirable destinations in the United States.

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