Neal Jones and Bill Miller started HillCo Partners and officially opened it in 1998. HillCo has gained a lot of popularity over the years and is currently among the top rating and lobbying firms due to its organization and credibility. It hires the best Texas lobbyists to advise clients on their investments. It also has a detailed website where people can access the company’s information.

HillCo checks and gauges the economic patterns in a state and all the information regarding it. These patterns show the economic state and are helpful as they are a key in estimating Texas’ bond rating. According to HillCo, the unemployment rate in Texas was 5% in 2021. They discovered that few people worked on the farm, and 13,059,600 people did not work on farms. Most people worked in offices, hotels, or other places apart from farms.

Another discovery is that people had a tendency to change their jobs quite often. HillCo estimated that there were at least 694,400 job changes throughout the year. They also found out that the economic annual growth rate had increased to 5.6%. In February 2021, the sales tax revenue had increased tremendously to $3.9 billion. The sole reason for the significant increase in sales tax revenue in February 2021 was increased strength in consumer spending and receipts from different sectors.

Other rating agencies in America include Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s (S&P), and Fitch. These agencies are crucial as they provide ratings that show a state’s ability to pay debts. They are significant as they advise investors appropriately when investing in states by including the possible risks involved. Due to Texas’ flourishing economy, these agencies rated Texas as the top state in August 2021.