The CFO role is becoming increasingly more important, and occupying the position is coming with additional responsibilities and expectations by company stakeholders. Most importantly, CFOs are very much looked upon to instill trust. It is paramount for Chief Financial Officers to develop strategies and form collaborations to ensure that transparency and trust are achieved in their firms.

The pandemic has led to turbulence in the regulatory and tax spheres. As a result, CFOs are tasked with ensuring that their companies are well prepared for uncertainty. CFOs have no choice but to be more proactive by working closely with tax experts gaining insights, and relaying what they have gathered to management and other stakeholders to enhance timely adherence to changing laws and regulations. Adjustments in corporate tax, inflation, and issues to do with the supply chain must be in the CFO’s firm grasp so as to develop actionable plans that will ensure the success of both the finance department and the entire company. William Lee Tag’s Gary McGaghey has been instrumental in steering the multinational through uncertain times to ensure continued success.

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Most CFOs like Gary McGaghey hold it that remote and hybrid working will by all means not alter productivity. However, working with CHROs to improve employees’ experience is a vital CFO role if a great work environment is to be created. Digital transformation has been on the rise, now more than ever, and chief finance officers are expected to point the company in the right direction when investing in technologies such as cloud computing, analytics, cybersecurity, to mention but a few.

Gary McGaghey has a wealth of experience in the finance field, and prior to joining William Lee Tag, the acclaimed CFO worked for other multinationals. At Unilever, where he has worked longest, Gary led the company to great success, including collaborations and ventures that saw an increase in product portfolio and revenue. At Nelsons, he served as group CFO and later joined William Lee Tag, where he has worked for the past three years.