In an interview about his career path and growth journey, Edgard Corona recounts his struggles and eventful journey to where he is. Though he currently owns Brazil’s largest chain of gyms and fitness centers, Edgard began from a different platform. He has worked in a clothing store, his family’s sugar mill, and a laboratory.

Edgard Corona studied Chemical Engineering and learned to transform one substance into another in the right conditions. He also worked in fashion, an experience that taught him how to satisfy the customer’s needs despite their varieties. When a skiing accident landed him in physical therapy, he birthed the idea of better gyms in Latin America. He started with Bio Ritmo as a place for athletes but expanded several years later to form Smart Fit.

His journey to becoming the renowned Dono da Smart Fit was not smooth. He encountered numerous challenges, one of which was earning people’s trust in his ideas. However, through persistence and determination, he never stopped pushing through. Edgard also took every opportunity to learn from his clients and get suggestions on improving his services.

Two of the main things he found were that people had limited time, and he needed to create a space that all persons could identify with. He designed a fitness regime that proved to people that they didn’t require hours in the gym every day in order to keep fit. More people began subscribing as he continually improved his ideas. Smart Fit always finds a way of remaining at the forefront and beating its completion in all aspects.

Through his business acumen and excellent team, Edgard Corona serves over 1.6 million students. He has studios in Ecuador, Peru, Columbia, the Dominican Republic, Chile, and Mexico. He makes use of modern technology and an exquisite business model to set the standards in the fitness world. Now that he has captured Latin America, all gyms in the region have to shape up to his model for them to survive the market.