Technology is moving at a very fast pace. There were times when BETA and VHS tapes ruled the shelves at video rental stores. Now that is no longer the case. DVDs and Blu-ray discs have taken over the market and pushed them out. Now the next step is coming up fast. It is streaming on a home device like an Amazon Fire Stick or Roku. This is how quickly the landscape of home entertainment is changing. Now people can stay home and rent movies instead of going to the theater and spending too much money. Now Shopatainment has come into the foray to help consumers with video choices. It is called Dropp TV.

Over the past years, people have become used to watching television shows with commercials. Now, these same shows can be streamed onto televisions or mobile devices at the push of a remote button. Now Gurp Rai has come up with a new idea. He is the founder of droppTV and wants consumers to be able to shop and stream at the same time. He says that you can tag things on Instagram or Facebook but nothing exists when it comes to videos or movies. He wants to change that outlook. He wants to take Shopatainment to the next level when it comes to what consumers want.

droppTV can combine the pleasure of watching a program and shopping for things a the same time. If a consumer sees a product that he or she wants on a particular show then it can be directly purchased with a simple tap. There will be no more waiting for ads to play or commercials to listen to. IT will make the process much easier for everyone. droppTV has helped new artists get into the consumer market. If a group or band wants to sell a CD all the consumer has to do is to click on it to purchase the music. It works well for all involved.

This idea does not have to apply to just videos. It can be used on a business-to-business transaction as well. Being able to provide what a new business needs at a moment’s notice can help both companies stay afloat. This is the way that technology is going these days. Things can be done with a simple tap or click of a mouse. Streaming works that way too. It is for everyone.

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