Author Solutions is a household name in the self-publishing industry. The company has achieved significant achievements by supporting aspiring self-publishing authors worldwide. Sure, it built an impeccable reputation as the world’s leading provider of outstanding and supported self-publishing services.

Initiated in 19997 in Bloomington, the company has augmented its global reach and increased its marketability by encompassing imprints within New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore. Sure, these imprints have made it viable for various aspiring authors globally to utilize the wealth of technology and resources to publish their books effortlessly. Author Solutions boasts helping a score of authors publish nearly 300000 titles since its inception.

No doubt, the company has forged a viable path for emerging self-publishing authors to achieve their vision. Besides encompassing a myriad of resources significant for authors, the company has scaled its footprints in assisting authors in carrying out their creativity to the next level.

Author Solutions plays a fundamental role in publishing and marketing you’re your book. The company gives you adequate support throughout your self-publishing journey to success. As the big shot within the self-publishing landscape, the company has played a critical role in helping initiate innumerable authors’ professional careers thanks to its dedicated AuthorCentric.

Most interestingly, Author Solutions encompasses nearly ten supported self-publishing imprints worldwide. The company has also ventured forth to leverage its effectiveness with significant retailers and distributors such as Ingram and Indigo Chapters. Moreover, the excellent self-publishing company has merged with prominent industry leaders, including Simon & Schuster and Hyper Collins Christian.

Author Solutions is geared towards helping self-publishing authors arrive at success from the fledgling concept to the endmost product. The company is thrilled to employs industry experts within the self-publishing industry. Their international teams of professionals flaunt a breadth of expertise, experience, and knowledge in the self-publishing niche field. See related link for more information.


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