Tim Murawski has a strong background in business leadership. He was once involved in a robotics company that used to manufacture medical devices in Israel. At Mazor Robotics, he gained a lot of experience that has made him very successful as a leader in the biotechnology field. There are several other businesses where Tim Murawski has been involved, and his leadership skills have been proven. He later joined Augmedics, and his tenure at the company has been very successful. 


There are several business initiatives they have ventured, such as introducing the latest technology and working. His involvement in Augmedics made him achieve a lot of recognition. People from different parts of the world and healthcare experts know him because of the great moves he has been making. Tim Murawski explains that the technology developed at Augmedics has proven to be very reliable over time. They make spine surgery safe and more effective. 

Specialist in biotechnology

Tim Murawski has a background in biotechnology. He has worked in several other companies that deal with biotechnology before joining Augmedics. The several years of experience he has accrued in the field have made it possible for him to develop effective strategies to grow the company. Augmedics has come up with reliable technology that makes it possible to perform different surgeries effectively. Tim Murawski stands out as a highly dedicated team leader who is ready to work on other challenges and offer solutions. The technology developed at Augmedics makes spinal surgery safer and faster. It has been well researched to ensure it assures users safe procedures.