According to Wes Edens, soccer has become an attractive global sport. It is slowly gaining some colossal traction in the United States, where it has always been ranked down on the pecking order of the most important sports. However, soccer has always been the ultimate sport in other parts of the world and has already grown to unprecedented levels. It will take huge investments and talent growth for the United States to build the capacity and talents that European countries have amassed over the years.


However, with experienced soccer investors like Wes Edens, Major League Soccer might not take a long time to show good results. Wes has been leading Aston Villa for the last three years and has already accumulated considerable experience on how to run a soccer team. In his view, soccer is an expensive sports venture. Therefore, the most appropriate method of running a sports team is to observe sustainability with an eye on the future.


Wes Edens has replicated the sustainability concept at Aston Villa Football Club. The football team has been very consistent in looking for some of the best talents in the Birmingham region and other parts of the country. Aston Villa youth team won the FA Cup last year, clearly indicating that the youth project is delivering some tangible results. Some of the talented players have also transitioned to the first team, which is a strategic method of saving money.


Wes Edens knows that Aston Villa Football Club is not the only organization that is investing heavily in youth programs and working on sustainability aspects. There are other organizations that have been very aggressive and successful in this niche. Therefore, the idea can be successfully implemented in Las Vegas and emerge as the best method of running a soccer team in Major League Soccer in the next phase.