About QNET

The organization was established in 1998. QNET is an e-commerce bureau dealing with direct selling of high-quality products entailing goods and services. It allows its customers to have a rooted ground in building a sales business through the promotion of their products (QNET products). For first time entrepreneurs, QNET is regarded as the best as it gives them the resources they may desire for a new entrepreneurship journey.

QNET is not a pyramid scheme

QNET is not a scam but a legit organization. Unlike other illegal pyramid schemes where one earns by enrolling as many individuals under their web as possible, QNET deals with a legitimate direct selling of products where commissions are paid based on sales made. In case someone registers an individuals under their web but and the person don’t purchase anything, no commission is paid.

QNET operates in countries with law and regulations

QNET operates and runs in countries with strict rules, laws, and governs that control this business and sales. The rules and regulations make it to stand not being a scam. These countries include Germany, Hong Kong, and Singapore. This gives a confirmation that the company is not as scam as it runs under laid down operations of laws and regulations of legality, thus the compliance to the mandatory law.

QNET have codes of Ethics

QNET has codes of ethics. It penalizes its distributors who may be victims of unethical practices hence violating the organization’s set regulations.

QNET has always been in observation of set local regulations that a state or nation may have for a company to run in its country. The local regulations include tax payments and legal permits that entails insurances, certificates of registration, and well-laid organization structure, making it challenging to scam people as a result of reference point when met with scamming case.

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