ZeroAvia has announced a new fleet of aircraft that will be more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly. ZeroAvia is the world’s first all-electric airline. ZeroAvia CEO, Michel Fillon, said: “We are proud to announce our latest fleet of electric planes which will allow our aviation company to continue its pioneering work in sustainable aviation.” This announcement follows ZeroAvia´s previous unveiling of an all-electric cargo plane earlier this year at the Paris Air Show. 


ZeroAvia’s fleet is made up of two aircraft: the ZeroAviar and the ZeroAvia. The ZeroAviar ranges 500 miles (or 800 kilometers) while carrying 80 passengers or 45,000 lbs (20 tonnes). It takes only one hour to charge this plane fully. Meanwhile, the aviation company´s aircraft can fly for 500 miles with 70 people on board and 35 tons in weight. This plane at ZeroAvia charges in just 30 minutes at airports equipped with dedicated charging stations. ZeroAvia also announced ZeroAero, a small aircraft for test flights. ZeroAvia’s CEO said that ZeroAero would help cut costs and decrease carbon emissions. 




Zero Avia also announced a new partnership with ZeroCarbon, an environmental group that focuses on reducing greenhouse gases through electric aviation. ZeroCarbon has pledged to support ZeroAvia’s projects in exchange for Zero Avia’s commitment to buying Carbon Credits (Crunchbase). 

ZeroAvia aviation company’s CEO said ZeroAvia was committed to protecting the environment and that “Air transportation is our future.” ZeroAvia plans on leasing 100 planes by 2030. ZeroAvia is the world’s first Zero Emissions Aircraft Transportation System. The aviation company will launch an initial public offering in 2020 to finance this fleet of planes. ZeroAvia is headquartered in Lyon, France, with operations throughout the world. Zero Avia has invested over $110 million into Zero Aviation technology to date and plans on investing another $300 million by 2030.